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the NSF website background

Browsing over to the NSF today to do a little work, I came across a common annoyance that arises with respect to their website background image. Basically, on my setup (OS X; Safari), the background tends to flicker/wobble, inducing a sort of nauseous, pre-seizure condition. Here’s a fix, which is worth it if you spend a lot of time at the NSF site.

For basic website filtering, I use Privoxy, which is a great way to reduce common website annoyances like cookies, javascript, etc. In addition, you can create actions, in addition to the defaults, to change the appearance of particular websites to your liking (similar to Greasemonkey for Firefox), although the implementation is different.

Long story short, if you have Privoxy installed (i get it via Macports), you can do the following to fix the “problem”:

sudo nano /opt/local/etc/privoxy/config
# uncomment the following line around line 375:
actionsfile user.action # User customizations

# while your at it, change line 917 to the following
# which allows you to edit things via the handy web interface
# at http://p.p/. Beware of multi-user security issues.
enable-edit-actions 1

Now, create or edit /opt/local/etc/privoxy/user.filter adding the following contents (the code is at Snipplr due to WordPress filtering):

Privoxy nsf filter

Once completed:

  • visit http://p.p/
  • click “View & change the current configuration”
  • choose to edit “/opt/local/etc/privoxy/user.action”
  • choose to “Insert a new section at top”
  • choose “Edit” under Action
  • select “filter nsf” from the list
  • click “Submit”
  • “Add” a url pattern
  • type “”
  • click “OK”

Problem solved. The NSF website should now look like this.